We are TravelToco, your partner for online booking services for modern business travel. With an easy-to use mobile friendly travel booking platform we offer the travel services of the future to the modern business traveler.

With a team of experienced people we create a global platform for searching, booking, managing, experiencing and sharing all travel related services required by the modern business traveler.

Wat wij doen

Today we offer access to over 1.5 million hotels from the world's most popular suppliers (including Booking.com, Expedia, Orbiz and many others), with both voucher and pay on arrival rates. We offer the world's largest data base for overnight stays in order to match your individual preference as a business traveler.

With our voucher pay you get the convenience and discount of prepaid rates and the flexibility of credit pay. Cancelation policy up to 24 hours before arrival, seamless central or individual settlements through your integrated payment solution (charged after departure) and without the hassle of a check-out payment for all pre-ordered services. All available in one easy-to-use mobile friendly environment, we offer business travelers an online tool for business travel with a holiday experience.


Book your accommodation easily, quickly and at affordable rates, with the largest selection of hotels available in the world.


Soon you can also book all of your flights in our portal, a large number or carriers will be available when we go live.


Soon you can also book your taxis with your hotels, so that it will be a one-stop portal for business travelers.


Soon we will offer you a large variety of extra services from restaurants, bars and tickets from the very best in many selected cities.


We also offer you a map view of your destination, with all of our services on an interactive map.


We are always available to help you with all of your booking questions, just give us a call. We will also soon launch our Whatsapp portal for direct contact with our helpdesk.

Waarom wij dit doen

We believe that business travel will change. Modern business travelers are always connected, they know what they want and can combine different parts of their business trips in the best possible way to match both corporate and personal preferences. However, the available business travel tools do not offer this flexibility. We offer an integrated search and book platform to corporate travelers that is not owned by a single travel agent, hotel booking platform or GDS, but which can be connected to any of the preferred travel suppliers.

TravelToco offers full booking options in conformity with Corporate Parameters, however not limited to a single source and open to all standard and new travel suppliers. We create an online environment for the modern business traveler that will combine personal profile preferences with Corporate guidelines, offering personalized integrated offers to travelers that can be booked with a simple click, we combine content from many travel service providers to offer you the best deal and the best travel experience.

want to give your business trip a holiday experience!


Working with us has many advantages;

No currency risk - Voucher or pay on arrival - No transaction fees - Net rates - Forex free prepaid rates - 24/7 support - Payment with all corporate solutions (AirPlus, Amex BTA, Corporate cards of Amex, MasterCard and Visa) - PNR generation for integration into tools and GDS. - Multiple languages rollout no problem - Detailed invoice data for Lodged cards - Option to load corporate rates into the tool and compare them to the best available rates in TravelToco.